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Kruz'n Into Motherhood

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Taylor Elizabeth!

Wow! Its really been this long. Where have I been? No really? Where have I gone? Nothing in my world feels, looks and sounds the same. I was just blow drying my hair thinking “wow, how does my hair texture even change so dramatically after birth?!?” More on all this  later. The most important news …..I gave birth to a healthy baby girl- TAYLOR ELIZABETH December 22, 2014. She was born at 3:50p at St. Mary’s Hospital in Madison.


There are NO WORDS and enough thank yous to the staff and experts at St. Mary’s/Dean – I could not and would not do it without them! Seriously, I can still cry thinking about how well me and my baby were cared for during this whole process.

I would lie if I told you I  had an easy labor. I still think I am in shock from it all. My family and I ended up in the hospital over the Christmas holiday.

See my “So This is Christmas” Post


Since my labor was not penguins and rainbows, we had to stay at St. Marys for about a week. I met so many staff members, nurses, and doctors, I cannot list them all by name. Though, I
would love to individually give them a HUGE virtual kiss and hug. Dealing with me is not an easy task. I wanted to take them all home with me. I probably went through some separation

Anxiety from leaving the hospital.  There is a silver lining and a gift in everything. What is the gift in my long, troubled labor? Check out my “So This is Christmas “ post. 

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Meet Katie Kruz

Katie Kruz

Katie Kruz is an on-air personality for Madison’s #1 Hit Music Station, Z104. 

Read more from Katie on Z104's site

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