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Published on September 24, 2014

Teaching By Example

It’s impossible to be a perfect parent. But there are a few habits we can all try to practice that will help us raise great kids, while making parenting a little easier. Here are some tried and tested tips for teaching my kids by example:

  1. Practice a Healthy Lifestyle: We all get bogged down by the stress of work, managing a household and trying to take care of ourselves on top of everything else. So it’s easy to run to the junk food cupboard or skip the gym. But these actions don’t go unnoticed. Our children look to us as role models, so it’s important to lead by example. That’s not to say we don’t deserve to unwind or indulge every so often. But these should be special treats, a reward for getting through a long day, not the negative result of one.

  2. Be Consistent: All kids throw temper tantrums, and sometimes it’s easier just to give in. But this inconsistency will only teach your child that it’s possible to get what they want if they whine enough. Similarly, not following through on punishment will encourage your kids to act out because they can get away with it. Set clear limits and rules to help your kids learn appropriate behavior.

  3. Use Constructive Criticism: When kids make mistakes, it’s important to coach them through their actions. Explain why they’re wrong, instead of only punishing them. Sit down and talk about alternative choices they could make, and why those choices are better.

  4. Encourage Individuality: Asking your kids to be more like one of their siblings or friends can lead to low self-esteem and feelings of shame. Recognize that all children are different, with their own unique strengths. As a parent, avoid comparing your parenting style to others’. Some styles work for certain families, while others don’t.

  5. Spend Quality Time Together: We’re surrounded by screens—computer, phone, television, tablet. While it’s difficult to unplug from the world, sometimes we need to appreciate what’s right in front of us. Have a family game night, play in the park or celebrate fall by carving pumpkins and making leaf piles in the yard. Not only will you feel more connected with your kids, your behavior will encourage them to experience life firsthand, instead of staying glued to their devices.

How do you teach your kids by example? Share your advice in the comments below

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