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Is it a Cold or the Flu?

Fever Rare Characteristic, high
(102-104°F) & lasts 3-4 days
Headache Rare Prominent
General Aches, Pains Slight Usual, often severe
Fatigue, Weakness Quite Mild Can last up to 2-3 weeks
Extreme Exhaustion Never Early and prominent
Stuffy Nose Common Sometimes
Sneezing Usual Sometimes
Sore Throat Common Sometimes
Chest Discomfort Mild to moderate,
hacking cough
Common; can become severe
COMPLICATIONS Sinus congestion or
Bronchitis; pneumonia;
can be life-threatening
PREVENTION None Annual vaccination; antiviral
medicines-see your doctor
TREATMENT Temporary relief of
symptoms with over-
the-counter medicines
Antiviral medicines-see
your doctor
Source: National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease

Concerned That You May Have the Flu?

Call our 24-hour free service, Dean on Call, at (800) 576-8773 (800-57-NURSE) to speak to a nurse. Dean on Call will help you decide the best course of action.

Flu Hotline

Local: (608) 250-1383
Toll free: (877) 277-3326

Dean Health Plan Members

Get reimbursed up to $27 for your flu vaccination.

Your seasonal flu vaccine includes protection against H1N1. Only a single immunization will be required for protection from influenza.

The easiest way for Dean Health Plan members to receive the vaccine is to see your in-network Primary Care Provider. Simply make an appointment at your convenience and remember there is no charge for the vaccine when received from your doctor. Or get your flu shot from an out-of-network (non-Dean Health Plan) provider, pharmacy or retail location of your choice and submit this Flu Shot Claim Form with a copy of your receipt to Dean Health Plan. Medicare member may submit this form instead. Please submit one form per shot.

Frequently Asked Questions

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If you have general flu-related questions, you can:

Contact the United Way Wisconsin Hotline by dialing 211 on your phone. 


Visit the Web resources listed on the Flu Resources page.