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Pharmacy Services

Prescription drugs play a large role in your patients' health care. Dean Health Plan is here to help you.

Pharmacy resources

Assisting in determining what prescriptions are covered and develop to promote effective prescription drug use.

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Cost-saving programs

Pharmacy Care Program

The table below outlines the cognitive services covered as part of the Dean Health Plan Pharmaceutical Care Program.
Equivalent cognitive services covered under
the DHP Pharmaceutical Care Program
NDC used to request reimbursement
Therapeutic interchange - $12 99999-9999-33
Change of dose - $5 99999-9999-34
Formulary interchange - $4 99999-9999-32
Patient compliance monitoring - $10 99999-9999-35
Change of dose - $5 99999-9999-34
Patient training on glucose monitors - $1/min; max $30 99999-9999-36
Patient training on asthma inhaler/peak flow meter - $1/min; max $10 99999-9999-37
Patient training on blood pressure monitors - $1/min; max $15 99999-9999-38
Patient training on nasal inhalers - $1/min; max $5 99999-9999-39
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Specialty Pharmacy

Specialty drugs are an important part of treating many chronic and complex health conditions. These high-cost medications require personalized coordination between the member, prescriber and pharmacy.

Dean Health Plan, in partnership with SSM Health Pharmacy, provides coordinated, personalized care for members impacted by chronic illnesses and complex diseases. 

  • Free delivery of specialty medications directly to your home, doctor's office, or another location via Federal Express.
  • Same day service available for emergency medication needs.
  • Medication consultations with registered pharmacists experienced in providing one-on-one care to patients with complex conditions.
  • Refill reminders help you avoid running out of medication.

* Coverage of specialty medications is subject to the member's formulary and pharmacy benefit package.

    Tablet Splitting

    Tablet splitting can provide significant savings for your patients. Participating patients pay up to one-half of their usual co-payment on included prescription drugs.

    Tablet splitting program medications:

    • Amlodipine/Valsartan
    • Aripiprazole
    • Entacavir
    • ezetimibe
    • eplerenone
    • Galantamine (RAZADYNE Equiv)
    • rasagiline
    • ULORIC
    • Valsartan
    • ZETIA


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