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Quit For Life® Tobacco Cessation Program

Dean Health Plan is pleased to offer The Quit For Life® Program, available to all commercial members over the age of 18.

Quit For Life® is supported by the American Cancer Society® and Free & Clear® and is the nation's leading tobacco cessation program. The program is completely free for participants and can help people overcome physical, psychological and behavioral addictions to tobacco using a seamlessly integrated mix of medication support and phone-based coaching.


Members are required to enroll in Quit For Life® to fill tobacco cessation medications.

To help our members along the path to quit smoking DHP offers coverage of tobacco cessation medications in conjunction with the Quit For Life® Program. Previously members were only required to obtain a prescription from a doctor to receive tobacco cessation medications; however as of June 1, 2010 DHP commercial members 18 years and older who are written a smoking cessation prescription must enroll in the Quit For Life® Program to access this benefit. There are no changes to the DHP benefit and members are still only required to pay the cost of a generic copay or $10 per fill, whichever is less. Please see the DHP drug formulary for a complete list of covered tobacco cessation medications. Enrollment in The Quit for Life® Program can be done by calling (866) QUIT4LIFE or online.

Added benefit for members.

This is an outstanding opportunity for members to not only utilize tobacco cessation medications to aide in their path to quit smoking, but to also receive outstanding counseling to support them along the way.

Members who enroll in the Quit For Life® Program may also be sent eight weeks worth of Nicotine Replacement Therapy patch or gum, free of charge and mailed directly to their home.

We ask you as a health care provider to take a proactive approach to this issue and encourage your patients who smoke to take advantage of the Quit For Life® Program and tobacco cessation medications when you deem necessary.