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your life with Dean's compassionate
comprehensive approach to weight loss.

The Dean Difference

A Medical Approach to Weight Loss

Dean's Comprehensive Weight Management program offers a customized, medical approach to weight loss. Whether you have 20 pounds or 200 pounds to lose, Dean can prescribe the weight loss program that's right for you.Have you tried to lose weight but had trouble shedding those extra pounds? Are you looking for more effective weight loss options?

A Diverse Team of Medical Professionals 

Dean's Comprehensive Weight Management program is run by highly qualified medical professionals from a variety of disciplines. As a system, one of Dean's greatest advantages is the availability of experts in all aspects of obesity and weight loss. The team is able to address the whole range of issues involved and support patients in all facets of care.

They will provide you with the personalized attention you need and deserve to reach your weight loss goals. They will also work with you to see what underlying factors may be causing your extra weight, and then choose a weight loss program designed to treat your specific situation.

A Variety of Options

Because there's more than one effective way to lose weight, Dean's medically monitored program includes a variety of surgical and medical options for weight loss.

We know that different people respond to different types of weight loss plans, so we offer multiple approaches to address a person's specific needs.

Take the Next Step

And if you would like to discuss your specific situation, please contact our Comprehensive Weight Management team at (608) 824-4457, tollfree at (800) 808-1190.