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Surgical Options for Weight Loss

Dean Comprehensive Weight Management offers a surgical option for weight loss. More than 170,000 bariatric, or weight loss, surgeries are performed annually in the United States. The surgery can improve health by providing consistent, long-term weight loss for people who aren't able to lose weight through diet and exercise alone.

Our professional team works closely with you to determine the option that works best for you.

Gastric Bypass Surgery

Traditional and Minimally Invasive Gastric Bypass Surgery

Gastric Bypass Surgery involves changes to the stomach and the small intestine. Using a method called Roux-en-Y, the stomach is surgically stapled to create a small pouch, shrinking the volume of the stomach from a gallon to about two ounces. A shorter section of the small intestine is attached to the new pouch so less food is digested and absorbed by the body.

The usual outcome of this surgery results in a significant amount of weightloss in the first nine months. There are two ways gastric bypass surgery can be performed:

  • Minimally Invasive Surgery — This procedure uses laparoscopic surgical equipment and results in less pain, a shorter hospital stay, quicker recovery and a lower risk of infection.
  • Traditional Surgery — Traditional surgery can be performed, making a 10 to 12-inch incision to access the stomach.

Your surgeon will determine which technique should be used for your surgery. Gastric bypass surgeries are performed at St. Mary's Hospital in Madison, Wisconsin.

To learn more about what's involved, please read our Weight Loss Surgery Pre-surgical To Do List (PDF file). We also offer an interactive animation on the process - please see our Emmi information below.


  • A pre-surgical evaluation including an initial weight management evaluation, labs, nutrition consultation, pulmonary consultation and psychiatric evaluation.
  • A BMI of 40+, or a BMI of 35+ with co-morbidities.


Please note that insurance coverage is individual and is not guaranteed. For more details, visit our Financial Information page.


To help you on the road to success, visits with your surgeon, nurse practitioner, primary care and nutritionist are held regularly following surgery.

Supporting Your Weight Loss Efforts — Weight Loss Support Group

A free, monthly support group is offered for patients following surgery. All patients wanting surgery must attend a session prior to being approved for surgery. The support groups offer an information session followed by time for discussion. Please see our Classes section for details.

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