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your life with Dean's compassionate
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Mike's Real Story

"It Feels Great to be Healthy"

Patient: Mike
Program: Gastric Bypass Surgery through Dean's Comprehensive Weight Management Program
Results: Lost More Than 200 Pounds

Mike struggled with his weight for years. He had tried every diet available in an effort to lose the weight. After moderate success, he would gain it all back and more, settling into an unhealthy cycle that left him tipping the scales at 450 pounds, with a 62-inch waist.

The extra weight took a toll on his health. "I was suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure and severe gastric reflux. I struggled to walk up just one flight of stairs and I took 28 medications each day," says Mike. Pre-existing respiratory problems were intensified by the excess weight and he ended up on oxygen.

Then, Mike heard about Dean Clinic's Comprehensive Weight Management Program. Armed with questions about cost, risks and success rates, he attended one of the free informational seminars. After going to the classes and support groups offered by the program and learning as much as he could from the physicians, staff and other patients, he chose to pursue gastric bypass surgery.

More than a year has passed since Mike had his surgery. He has lost more than 200 pounds and, most importantly, has achieved better health. He walks four miles a day, takes just one medication, and no longer suffers from diabetes, high blood pressure and other conditions.

Mike still regularly participates in the support groups, where he shares his experiences with other post-operative patients and those considering weight loss surgery. Mike credits Dean's interdisciplinary approach for helping him succeed. "Everyone in the program worked together to support me and I really developed an interactive relationship with the team."

"I have more energy and I'm able to do simple things I couldn't have done before surgery — mow the lawn, go for walks, take the stairs. I have learned so much and gained confidence. It feels great to be healthy."