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Therapy Services Policies

Thank you for choosing Dean Medical Group Therapy Services for your therapy. We look forward to working with you during your treatment. The following information will introduce you to some of the policies for speech, occupational and physical therapy at Dean Medical Group. If you have any questions about any of the following items, please discuss them with your therapist at the time of your treatment.

Insurance coverage

Speech, occupational and physical therapy services will be billed to your insurance company. Services are commonly covered by most companies, but there may be some exceptions and maximum limits. If this is a concern, please refer to your insurance agreement, or contact the customer service department of your insurance company. We will be happy to give you the correct description and cost of a specific service to assist you in determining your insurance coverage.

Supplies will also be billed to your insurance company. Some supplies may not be covered, or only partially covered. Again, we will be happy to provide description and cost of an item so you can check your insurance agreement or talk to a customer service representative from your insurance company.

If your injury is due to a work-related accident, motor vehicle accident, or other type of accident, please inform our receptionist at the time you check in.

All Dean Medical Group locations for speech, occupational and physical therapy are participating sites for Dean Health Plan, Medicare, Medical Assistance, Worker's Compensation, and most other insurance carriers in the southwest and central regions of Wisconsin.

We ask a lot of questions

Our receptionists may ask you questions to confirm your address, phone number, insurance coverage or accident details. You may have been asked these questions elsewhere, but in order to stay current with the details of your case, we may ask these questions again. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Your therapist will ask questions regarding your condition or injury and about your level of function prior to your injury. You may have already answered these questions in your doctor's office, which are recorded in your medical record. Your therapist will use that information, as well as your current personal description, to evaluate your condition and develop a personalized plan for your therapy service.

Do you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment?

Please call the department where your appointment is scheduled to cancel or reschedule an appointment if you foresee a conflict. Our locations have voicemail if you call during the evening or weekend hours. We'll gladly return your call to reschedule your visit at a time that is convenient for you. By calling us in advance, we are able to offer your appointment time to other patients who need therapy services.

If you miss an appointment without calling to cancel, we must enforce our no-show policy, which will require you to call and confirm future appointments. After three no-show appointments, you will be required to see your referring physician before returning to therapy services. Keeping us informed is an important part of your care.

We welcome and appreciate the opportunity to assist you with your therapy. Please note that physician referrals are required by most insurance carriers.

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