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Recommended Websites

These web recommendations are intended to assist in patient education only, and are not an endorsement of any organization or website listed. Always consult your doctor for any health concerns.

MedlinePlus - Sports Injuries — Links to news, information and current research on topics related to sports injuries.

MedlinePlus - Sports Safety — Articles, news, tips, and research on sports safety and injury prevention.

American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine — Includes a guide to athletic shoe trends and innovations, and a list of AAPSM-approved athletic footwear. — Overview article about Preventing Children's Sports Injuries.

Disabled Sports USA — Information about disability-related sports and recreation, Challenge newsletter, adaptive equipment resources, and tips on getting involved in adaptive sports.

Just Move! — Online exercise diary to track your activity, fitness information and resources provided by the American Heart Association.

American College of Sports Medicine - Health & Fitness Information  — Guidelines for healthy aerobic activity, tips on calculating your exercise heart rate range, ACSM's Fit Society Page newsletter, and more.

Our Athletic Trainers

Deb Jenks, LAT
Licensed Athletic Trainer
Dean Sports Medicine

Mark Jakubek, LAT
Licensed Athletic Trainer
Dean Sports Medicine

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ImPACT Concussion Management

Dean Sports Medicine offers ImPACT, a user-friendly, computer-based testing program specifically designed for the management of sports-related concussion.