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Expecting a New Baby

Find a Pediatrician

Do you need to find a Dean Clinic pediatrician, or look up a phone number?

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Are you expecting a baby? Dean Clinic Pediatrics would like to extend our warmest congratulations to you on the upcoming arrival of your newborn!

We look forward to providing your family comprehensive, high-quality pediatric care in an efficient and professional manner. Here are a few things to know about our services during this exciting time.

Meet the Doctor

Dean Clinic offers a wide range of pediatricians at multiple locations. Choosing a pediatrician is a very important and personal decision, and we encourage you to schedule a free "Meet the Doctor" visit.

Feel free to call one of the provider's offices to schedule this appointment. This is an excellent opportunity to meet our physicians and learn more about Dean Clinic Pediatrics. These visits are free of charge to expectant parents and families new to Dean Clinic.

Hospital Visit

Our first visit with your newborn is often done in the hospital nursery soon after birth (usually within 24 hours of birth). If you choose one of our pediatricians and deliver at St. Mary's Hospital in Madison, your choice of pediatricians will be confirmed upon your admission for delivery.

There is no need to call our office to notify us of your delivery. We are notified daily of newborns assigned to our pediatricians. While in the nursery, one of our pediatricians will examine your baby daily and discuss any questions or concerns you may have.   


If you are interested in having your newborn circumcised, this can be performed before discharge from the hospital nursery. Please let the nursery staff or pediatrician know of your preference.

First Office Visit

Before leaving the hospital, our healthcare providers will recommend a follow-up office visit. This is usually held 2-3 days after leaving the hospital. Please call your pediatrician's office as soon as you are given a discharge date, to schedule your baby's first office visit.

Well Child Visits

Regular well child care and immunizations are key to keeping your baby healthy, monitoring development and preventing illness. Appointments for well care may be made several months in advance. Please call your pediatrician's office to schedule your baby's Well Child Visits. Appointments for your baby's next Well Child Visit can also be made while you are in our office for a current visit.

To see our recommended Well Child Visit schedule, please visit our Well Child Care page.