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Steps to Receiving Care for Workplace Injuries

Triaging Injured Workers  

If the injury is life-threatening:

Call 911 for an ambulance to the nearest hospital.

If the injury is non-life threatening, but urgent:
  1. Receive care at one of the SSM Health Urgent Care locations in East Madison, West Madison and Janesville. All Urgent Care locations are walk-in; no appointment is necessary.
  2. For care outside of Madison and Janesville, please contact one of our Dean Clinic locations. (All of the locations within this link can provide post-injury care, except for the Davis Duehr Dean Eye Care locations.) Please call the clinic prior to sending in an injury.
  3. For injuries that occur outside of Dean Medical Group's clinical and urgent care hours, please receive care at SSM Health St. Mary's Hospital - Madison or SSM Health St. Clare Hospital - Baraboo.
If the injury is chronic, but not urgent:

Contact Occupational Medicine at Dean Medical Group - Fish Hatchery Rd, Madison, Dean Medical Group - S. Stoughton Rd, Madison or Dean Medical Group - Janesville. Please call the clinic to schedule an appointment.

Facilitating Treatment of the Injured Worker

To facilitate Return to Work directives, it is extremely helpful to the treating provider that a job description is provided. This can be faxed or sent in with the patient or person accompanying the patient.

Urine Drug Testing/Breath Alcohol Testing

In some instances, your company may require post-accident urine drug and/or breath alcohol testing. Urine drug collection and Breath Alcohol Testing can be performed at select Dean Medical Group locations. These services are billed directly to the company.

In order to meet your company's requirements and for accuracy of these services, it is important that your company's servicing directives are on file. These directives will inform staff about the type of testing needed, as well as the preferred testing lab and Medical Review Officer.

In the case that there are no directives on file for your company, please be prepared to provide the following information:

  • What services are required. For urine drug collection only, patient should bring in a Chain of Custody form that has been provided by your lab.
  • If you require Dean to collect and send to our testing lab, please provide:

- Type of testing (DOT/Non-DOT). If Non-DOT testing, please identify the number of drugs to be tested.
- Name, phone and secure fax number of the Designated Employer Representative to receive results.

  • For Breath Alcohol Testing, please provide an alternative phone number (example cell phone number) for after hours testing. It is critical that we have access to the Representative should the person test positive for alcohol.
  • Billing information: Name of company, address, name of contact person with their phone number and fax number.
Injured Worker Treatment Questions

If you have questions regarding work restrictions or subsequent care in Dean Medical Group, please contact our Occupational Medicine Nurse Case Manager at (608) 252-8296.

Occupational Health

Services Available through Occupational Health

Occupational Health offers a complete range of services to serve your organization, including drug screenings, industrial rehabilitation and workers' compensation injury and illness care.

Learn more in our services section.

Urine Drug Collection

To serve your company, we provide urine drug collection at many Dean Medical Group locations.

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