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Special Mental Health Programs

Other than providing specialized assessments, diagnosis and treatment for patients, Dean Medical Group's Mental Health Specialists also work closely with other medical specialists and community support networks to provide the following services:

  • Primary Care Consultation — Our Mental Health clinicians work closely with primary care providers within family medicine, pediatrics and internal medicine, to assess patients at their physician's request. Consultation can help clarify a diagnostic question, brainstorm ideas for treatment planning, and assess whether or not a patient would best be served by being referred to a Mental Health specialist.
  • Behavioral Medicine Service — Behavioral Medicine Service is comprised of a team of doctoral level psychologists who specialize in working with medical patients and their families to assist in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of various medical conditions. They also work with patients experiencing lifestyle or stress-related disorders to prevent further illness and improve health outcomes. The Behavioral Medicine Team collaborates with healthcare providers to promote comprehensive treatment of patients and their health.
  • School Consultation Team — This service is available at the Sun Prairie Clinic location only. Therapists obtain permission from parents to collaborate with school staff on intervention plans for individual children and teens. The School Consultation Team meets with Sun Prairie Area School District staff on a monthly basis to monitor the patient's progress with school behavior, attendance, and academic performance, and to update recommendations for the school setting. Individual consultation regarding school-based interventions is available on a case-by-case basis at all other Dean Medical Group Psychiatry departments.

For More Information

For more information on any of these special programs, call the Dean Medical Group Psychiatry department at one of the following locations:

How to Choose the Best Provider for You

First, see our steps to seeking mental health care. If you're not sure which type of mental health provider to see, our Behavioral Health Consultants can assist you. Our consultants are licensed mental health professionals.

They can talk to you about your concern, and help you choose an appropriate mental health provider at Dean Medical Group or in the community.

For assistance, call one of the following psychiatry departments and ask to speak to a Behavioral Health Consultant:

Improving Quality of Life

Learn about our Oncology Support Services, which focus on helping individuals and families cope with many aspects of cancer.

Support groups and other services are available.

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