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Seeking Mental Health Services

Step 1

Learn About Your Insurance Coverage

Members of Dean Health Plan

  • Verify your insurance benefits by using this site's Benefit Finder. Or, contact Dean Health Plan Customer Service at (800) 279-1301 with any coverage questions.
  • In many cases, your first consultation with a Dean Health Plan mental health provider will be covered just like a regular doctor visit, and no written referral is needed. In addition, recommended follow up visits that are medically necessary will be covered up to the maximum allowed by your plan.

Members of Other Insurance Plans

Please contact your insurance company's customer service department to verify:

  • Your insurance benefits.
  • Whether you require "prior authorization" to see a Dean Medical Group mental health provider, and how to obtain this.
  • Which providers are covered by your insurance.

Patients with Medicaid or No Insurance

There are county and non-profit organizations that offer options for individuals who qualify for assistance.

If you have Medicaid or no insurance at all, there are county and non-profit organizations that offer options for individuals who qualify for assistance. Each county in the state operates a mental health clinic for this purpose. In addition, there are a number of private mental health clinics that also offer this advantage. To learn more, contact your county's Department of Social or Human Services. Ask to be directed to their outpatient mental health clinic.

In the Madison area, contact the following clinics:

  • Journey Mental Health, (608) 280-2700
  • Catholic Social Services, (608) 256-2358
  • Family Services, Inc., (608) 252-1320
  • Lutheran Social Services, (608) 277-0610
  • Children's Service Society, (608) 221-3511 or (608) 837-4433

Step 2

Choose a Dean Medical Group Mental Health Provider

First, choose the Dean Medical Group location that works best for you. Then, contact the Psychiatry Department at that clinic using the following phone numbers:

Please ask the receptionist to schedule you with the mental health specialist who is most familiar with the problem you are experiencing. You may be referred to a licensed Dean Medical Group psychiatrist, psychologist or psychotherapist. If you are dealing with a serious medical illness or surgery, you may benefit from seeing a behavioral medicine professional who specializes in helping patients adjust to the physical and lifestyle changes brought about by these conditions.

Improving Quality of Life

Learn about our Oncology Support Services, which focus on helping individuals and families cope with many aspects of cancer.

Support groups and other services are available.

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