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Available Mental Health Treatments

A variety of treatments are available through Dean Medical Group, including the following. Please click a title to learn more.

Medication Intervention

Medication intervention is recommended when a person is suffering from an emotional or mental disturbance that has a biological component. Many persons with depression, anxiety, or other mental illness benefit from the use of medication to support biological recovery and management of important brain-based processes.

Psychiatric medications work with the neurotransmitters (chemicals) in the brain to promote important functions such as sleep regulation, mood regulation, concentration and focus, thinking and judgment, and energy level.


Psychotherapy can involve a wide variety of approaches and theoretical orientations. Cognitive-behavioral therapy, marital therapy, parent guidance and training, and insight-oriented therapy are among the types of talk therapy available through the Psychiatry Department's mental health care providers. Play therapy is also available for young children when appropriate.

All forms of psychotherapy are most effective when the patient is highly motivated to share information about problems and to learn new strategies and skills.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is an important option to consider when crafting a comprehensive mental health treatment plan. Group therapy offers a unique opportunity to share feelings, learn and practice new skills, and experience the support of others who are working on similar concerns.

Our Psychiatry Department has an active program of group therapy available through all four clinic sites. Patients participate in a standard assessment prior to joining a specific therapy group. For more information, visit our Group Therapy page.

Couples Counseling

Couples counseling is a specialized intervention available to improve significant relationships, such as that between spouses or life partners. Meeting as a couple provides patients with the opportunity to negotiate conflict and improve communication skills directly.

Note that many insurance companies do not provide coverage for couples therapy, so please consult with your mental health provider in regard to billing for this service.

Co-Parenting Therapy

Co-parenting therapy is a sub-specialization within the field of couples therapy, in which parents who are no longer in an intimate relationship seek counseling to improve their ability to work together to raise their child or children.

Note that many insurance companies do not provide coverage for co-parenting counseling, so please consult with your mental health provider in regard to billing for this service.

Family Therapy

Family therapy is conceptualized as occurring via two different methods. One method is to hold counseling sessions with all members of the family present.

Another method is to involve several members of the family in different forms of therapy at the same time, with a treatment team that sets goals for the entire family. For example, one therapist may work with a child individually, one of the parents may attend a parenting or other kind of group, and another parent may be involved in medication treatment and psychotherapy for depression.

Either method of family therapy is recommended when there is a need for family members to improve their ability to cope with stress, negotiate conflict, and communicate effectively. An initial assessment or intake appointment is necessary in order to determine if family therapy, and which form of family therapy, is recommended for a specific individual and their family.

How to Choose the Best Provider for You

First, see our steps to seeking mental health care. If you're not sure which type of mental health provider to see, our Behavioral Health Consultants can assist you. Our consultants are licensed mental health professionals.

They can talk to you about your concern, and help you choose an appropriate mental health provider at Dean Medical Group or in the community.

For assistance, call one of the following psychiatry departments and ask to speak to a Behavioral Health Consultant:

Improving Quality of Life

Learn about our Oncology Support Services, which focus on helping individuals and families cope with many aspects of cancer.

Support groups and other services are available.

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