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Meet Our Team

Dr. Mollie Charon moved from California for the opportunity to practice integrative medicine in a health system that makes this approach available to patients from all walks of life, and to be closer to her family. A sociology/anthropology major, she is keenly aware of how relationship and culture interact with health; to be successful, any treatment plan must include an appreciation of all factors that influence a person's health. Integrative medicine takes into account all factors that influence health, empowering patients and communities to be well and manage illness with comfort, dignity and finesse. She enjoys collaborating with patients and their physicians to reach patients' health goals. Dr. Charon enjoys time with her family and their two large dogs from Sauk County Humane Society.

Dr. Maureen Murphy describes Integrative Medicine as blending the best of both Eastern and Western healing systems. She not only practices acupuncture on patients, but she is a patient herself. She became board certified in acupuncture after she was healed by acupressure. In her free time, Dr. Murphy likes to quilt, read and take her three red heelers for walks in the country. She loves living in the Lake Delton area for the gorgeous hills, lakes and being able to experience the four full seasons.

Dr. Mary Ellen Sabourin stresses the importance of Integrative Medicine because it concentrates on prevention and individualized care, and typically, has less side effects than traditional medicine. Her interest in mind-body-spirit is what led her to receive board certification in Integrative Medicine. Dr. Sabourin enjoys the outdoors, especially going hiking, skiing and camping. She finds joy in spending time with her family, friends and pets. She feels that an important part of her life is exercising regularly, belonging to community supported agriculture, meditating and yoga.

Tammy Rockweiler, NP has been with Dean Medical Group for 15 years. The small, personal atmosphere and open-mindedness regarding health care choices is what brought her to the Lake Delton Integrative Medicine clinic. While having experience with essential oils, her focus is preventative healthcare. Tammy has been a resident of Reedsburg for 30 years. In her spare time, she also works in the urgent care and teaches at Madison College.

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