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Dean Hospital Medicine

Dean's Hospital Medicine specialists (hospitalists) provide primary care to adult patients who are hospitalized at St. Mary's Hospital in Madison. A patient may receive care from a Dean hospitalist if the patient's own physician has requested overall coordination of care for their patient during their hospital stay.

Dean Clinic and St. Mary's Hospital developed the hospitalist program to ensure that inpatients receive the continued primary care they need, especially if a patient's own doctor is based some distance away from St. Mary's Hospital or outside the Madison area.

Services Provided by Hospitalists

Working on behalf of referring primary care physicians, hospitalists will:

  • Facilitate the admission and inpatient stay of referred patients
  • Coordinate care with specialists and other patient care team members
  • Respond to changes in the patient's condition throughout the day
  • Order tests, procedures and consultations as needed
  • Provide rapid response to labs, tests and urgent situations that may arise with the patient's health
  • Communicate regularly with patients and their families
  • Coordinate the discharge planning and aftercare process
  • Provide timely communication on treatment plans, medication changes, follow-up tests, and discharge plans to the patient's own doctor