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Meet Our Refractive Surgeons

Davis Duehr Dean has some of the best ophthalmic surgeons in the country. It's a quality difference that's plain to see. Across the board you will find a strong dedication to patients, and leadership in the field of ophthalmic surgery.

Davis Duehr Dean surgeons have pioneered many innovations in the advancement of refractive surgery and published extensively in medical journals. They also teach refractive surgery techniques to other surgeons locally, nationally and internationally.

Donald Beresky, MD

Donald Beresky, MD
"I already knew Dr. Beresky... and was very confident and relaxed going into the procedure. I couldn't be more pleased with the results! After wearing glasses for fifty years, I have now had the restriction removed from my driver's license."
- Joyce O., Patient

Dr. Beresky is the type of doctor who combines medical expertise with human empathy. He believes that the ability to provide better eyesight is a privilege that makes ophthalmology a joy to practice.

Dr. Beresky has been able to share that patient-based inspiration with countless young medical students for more than 10 years as part of the faculty of the UW Medical School.

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Stephen Boorstein, MD

Stephen Boorstein, MD
"I was impressed with Dr. Boorstein and his whole staff for the thoughtful and professional way I was treated, making me feel very comfortable. I recommend Dr. Boorstein for refractive surgery to all my friends and family."
- Scott W., Pharmacist

Dr. Stephen Boorstein, Chief of the Department of Ophthalmology, has been performing refractive surgery his entire career. He is a nationally recognized expert in refractive surgery. He has served as a lecturer and an expert panelist on refractive surgery at the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons (ASCRS), and is an appointed VISX Excimer LASER Physician Trainer, instructing other refractive surgeons how to minimize and avoid complications in refractive surgery.

Dr. Boorstein has recently been elected by his peers to the prestigious "Best Doctors in America." His patients include prominent members of the community and other physicians.

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Christopher Croasdale, MD

Christopher Croasdale, MD
"Dr. Croasdale really cares about his patients. I remember he gave me his home phone number after my surgery — just in case I had any problems or questions. I thought that was really wonderful."
- Kay S., Law Enforcement Analyst

Dr. Croasdale is both a refractive surgeon and corneal transplant specialist. He shares his expertise as Assistant Clinical Professor and the Assistant Director of the Corneal Transplant and Refractive Surgery Fellowship program at the University of Wisconsin.

Dr. Croasdale also has a passion for international public health and blindness prevention, and has served in Nigeria, Philippines and India. Before coming to Davis Duehr Dean, he worked in the outback of Australia for the Australian Public Health and Royal Flying Doctors Services.

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Christina Delany-Richardson, MD

Christina Delany, MD
"Dr. Delany developed a plan to optimize my eyes for surgery. Because of her professional, personable, and conscientious care, the procedure went smoothly and now I'm seeing 20/20 in both eyes. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking quality eye care."
- Cara M., Patient

Dr. Delany-Richardson takes a team approach to ophthalmic care and refractive surgery, encouraging her patients to be actively involved in their eye care.

She's committed to helping patients understand their condition, why it's happening, and what their options are for treatment. She says, "Helping someone have a better quality of life makes my work worthwhile."

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Anne Kilby, MD

"Amazed that I waited this long! It changed my whole way of life!!"
- Jamae R., Patient

Dr. Kilby's surgical expertise includes refractive surgery. She enjoys educating patients about their condition and treatment options, so they can make the decision that works best for them. Each person is unique and has different needs, which leads Dr. Kilby to favor a team approach in addressing their eye care.

Dr. Kilby finds ophthalmology to be a fascinating and dynamic field with close patient contact. She completed a corneal and refractive surgery fellowship at the University of Minnesota.

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Catherine Lee, MD

Catherine Lee, MD
"Last summer I saw Dr. Lee for cataract surgery on both of my eyes... It was a pleasure to see someone who truly enjoys her work and does it well. Her staff has been with her a long time and they too enjoy their jobs. I have to thank Dr. Lee for making me see clearly and color's so much brighter than before surgery."
- Kevin K., Patient

Dr. Lee comes to us with over 13 years of experience as a surgeon, educator and researcher. She proudly joined her esteemed colleagues at Davis Duehr Dean to focus on her clinical interests which include cataract and refractive surgery, refractive lenses as well as comprehensive ophthalmology.

While her practice services Jefferson County and surrounding areas, she also has privileges at Davis Duehr Dean Refractive Surgery and the Davis Duehr Dean Surgery Center.

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Peter McCanna, MD

Peter McCanna, MD
"I was more than legally blind in my only eye. I had learned Braille. I was very apprehensive, but the operation was an instant success. I still find it a miracle. I will always be thankful for Dr. McCanna's surgical skill and expertise."
- Dora W., Patient

Dr. McCanna has performed thousands of surgeries in more than 20 years of practice, specializing in cataract surgery and laser vision correction.

He lectures and teaches surgery as an Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of Wisconsin.

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Mary Jo Oyen, MD

Mary Jo Oyen, MD

"I am very pleased with the results of my Custom Lasik Surgery through Dr. Mary Oyen. Dr. Oyen's staff were flexible with my busy work schedule to minimize my time away from work. Everyone on the staff was so very friendly and helpful. My 20-15 vision is awesome!"
- Ben B., Patient

Dr. Oyen's surgical expertise includes laser refractive surgery (LASEK, LASIK, PRK, PTK), cataract surgery, glaucoma surgery and other oculoplastic surgeries.

She enjoys medical mission work and has volunteered in Belize, Brazil, India, Kenya, Kosovo and the Philippines.

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Jonathan Stock, MD

Jonathan Stock, MD
"I was nervous before I decided to have LASIK. Dr. Stock and his staff were so wonderful, they answered all my questions. They explained what was going to happen and how the procedure would go. It was a breeze!
- Laura R., Nurse

Many patients recommend Dr. Stock because his passion for his practice is so visible. He also has more than 5,000 eye surgeries and more than ten years of experience to his credit.

He says, "I believe in using the latest technology to reduce or even eliminate a person's dependence on eyeglasses. Refractive surgery is the cutting edge of health care!"

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John Vukich, MD

John Vukich, MD
"Dr. Vukich and his whole staff are so nice — so attentive to your every need. Truly a great group of people. I'd recommend them in a heartbeat!"
- Anne J., Printing Account Representative

Dr. Vukich is a recognized leader in his field. He performed the first LASIK surgery in the state of Wisconsin on an FDA approved laser in 1995 and has been awarded the prestigious VISX Star given to the top 5% of refractive surgeons in the United States.

He performed the first Implantable Collamer Lens (ICL) vision correction surgery in the United States since FDA approval in early 2006. and was the National Medical Monitor for the study leading up to FDA approval. His patients include high profile sports figures and multiple physicians.

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