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Audiology Locations

Specialized audiology testing and counseling is provided at these two locations

Dean Medical Group – Fish Hatchery Rd, Madison
(608) 294-6048

Dean Medical Group – Janesville
(608) 371-8000

Other Locations
Dean Medical Group – Delavan
(262) 728-5568
Dean Medical Group - S. Stoughton Rd, Madison
(608) 294-6048
Dean Medical Group – Stoughton
(608) 877-2700
Dean Medical Group – Sun Prairie
(608) 294-6048
Dean Medical Group – N. High Point Rd, Madison
(608) 294-6048

For patients of all ages, audiologists at Dean Medical Group provide a wide variety of hearing and balance services. All testing is performed and interpreted by (or under the supervision of) licensed audiologists.

Hearing Evaluations

Throughout our lives, hearing is a vital component to communication and interaction with others. Although hearing loss is sometimes associated with the elderly, symptoms can occur at any age.

Common symptoms of hearing loss include one or more of the following conditions:

  • Difficulty understanding speech with background noise or with a group of people
  • Increased volume on TV and/or radio
  • Ringing or noises in the ears
  • Asking for frequent repetitions in conversation
  • Answering or responding inappropriately in conversation
  • Muffled sounds or unclear speech
  • Avoiding activities or social gatherings you once enjoyed because you find it difficult to hear

We offer expert evaluation and effective treatment that can provide meaningful improvements and solutions to your specific hearing loss condition.

Hearing Aids

Using state-of-the-art testing and fitting equipment, we ensure the best hearing possible with hearing aids.

Our extensive line of digital products represents the leading edge in hearing aid technology and features a wide variety of manufacturers (brands), styles and price points. Our services include hearing aid selection, fitting, adjustments, repairs and cleanings.

Tinnitus Counseling

We offer management of tinnitus (ringing in the ears) to improve the quality of life for patients who suffer from this condition. Tinnitus is often a symptom of hearing loss, but it can also be present without a measurable decrease in hearing.
Working together, we discuss specific situations with our patients and help them learn about environmental modifications, altering their reactions and devices when appropriate.

Hearing Protection

Regular exposure to loud noise can impact your ability to hear. Fortunately, noise-induced hearing loss is preventable. We provide custom hearing protection for patients who take part in loud or noisy activities.

  • Do you work in a noisy environment?
  • Do you hunt?
  • Do you play a musical instrument?
  • Do you use power tools or chain saws?
  • Do you have loud or noisy hobbies?

We can assist you in getting proper hearing protection for nearly any situation.

Bone-Anchored Hearing Systems

The Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) and Audiology Departments work together to provide an integrated service model, offering patients options in bone-anchored hearing systems by Cochlear and Oticon, and the new SoundBite™, a bone conduction dental prosthetic hearing system by Sonitus — alternatives to traditional hearing aids.

Hearing evaluations, selections, fittings and follow-ups are provided by audiologists who specialize in this technology while ENT physicians and staff conduct physical examinations, surgery and care. Together these two departments offer many options in hearing devices for patients with conductive, unilateral or mixed hearing loss.

Universal Newborn Hearing Screening Follow-Ups

In conjunction with the Wisconsin Sound Beginnings: Early Hearing Detection and Intervention program, our audiologists provide services to infants and their families. For infants who are referred from the hospital, we provide sophisticated testing of the hearing system.

As audiology professionals, our goal is for all infants with hearing loss to be diagnosed by three months of age and appropriately referred for medical evaluation and intervention services by six months of age.

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