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Large Group Employers

I am an employer looking to purchase or renew coverage.

  • Renewing coverage with us – as your policy renews for 2014 it will convert to a plan that meets the requirements of the Affordable Care Act. You will receive your renewal packet 90 days before your renewal date. If you are interested in early renewal or just have questions, please call your insurance agent or account manager.
  • Purchasing new coverage with us – please contact your insurance agent who will be able to discuss plan options and find the best one to meet your needs. Or, you may contact us directly at 1 (866) 794-3326 or

Do I Have to Offer Insurance?

For 2014 there is no requirement for employers to offer health insurance. Beginning in 2015 large group employers that do not offer insurance will face a penalty.

As of January 1st, 2015, if you have 50 or more FTEs you may have to make an Employer Shared Responsibility Payment if the federal government determines that the coverage you offer is not affordable for at least one of your full-time employees.

* The new requirements are effective on or upon the group insurance renewal date following January 1st, 2014.

What are the of the key changes for 2014*:

  • These plans do not have to cover the Essential Health Benefits, but if they do, there cannot be an annual or lifetime dollar limit on the Essential Health Benefits they do cover. 
  • Your employees cannot be denied or charged more because of their health status or gender.
  • Pre-existing condition limitations do not exist.
  • Out-of-pocket expenses will be limited and accumulate toward the annual maximum differently than in the past.


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