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How to Buy?

Open enrollment for health insurance coverage is now closed. Check back this Fall for next year's plan designs. If you need to change your current plan due to a qualifying life event, visit our Special Enrollment page.

Please note: Enrollment on the Marketplace at may continue for those who have extenuating circumstances and were not able to complete their purchase prior to 3/31. Please see for more information.

There are two ways to purchase insurance through Dean Health Plan:

  1. Buy a plan online from Dean through the Marketplace at

    You might consider exploring the health insurance options in the Health Insurance Marketplace especially if your income qualifies you for a break on your monthly premiums or out-of-pocket costs. An individual or family with an income of less than 400 percent of the federal poverty guidelines may qualify for lower premium payments.

  2. QuickQuote Buy a plan online directly through us with QuickQuote

    Quote and buy now though our online QuickQuote tool. QuickQuote is perfect for those who have insurance elsewhere and would like explore other options or if you are currently uninsured and need coverage now or beginning in 2015.

Working with an insurance agent or broker
Additional help will be available if you work with an insurance agent. All of the same options and plans will be available to you through an agent. In addition, agents can work with you to understand your situation and help you choose the best plan for you. If you currently have coverage through an agent, they will contact you about your renewal options.


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