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Living Healthy Rewards

The Living Healthy Rewards Program starts with the completion of your Online Well-Being Assessment (WBA), which uses the data from your Health Screening. Schedule your onsite screening appointment by following the instructions below. Better yet, get your values from your most recent doctor’s visit on MyChart and record your measurements on the Health Screening Data Form. Then, enter them into your WBA to get started.

Just getting a Health Screening and completing your WBA gets you going with 100 points redeemable for Chase Gift Cards! Additional rewards points are earned by tracking your healthy activity within your online Well-Being Plan.

Rewards Table

The maximum annual redemption is $150 per eligible member.

Online WBA & Rewards Center

Schedule your Health Screening Online

  1. Go to  Enter your participant login information to access the scheduling tool.
    1. Participant ID: Enter your Dean Health Plan Member Number (do NOT include any leading zero’s)
    2. Password:wellness
      1. You will be prompted to immediately change your password.
      2. Please note: Password must contain at least 8 characters, with a combination of upper and lower case letters, one number and one symbol.
    3. Company ID: ETF
  2. Click the Schedule icon at the top of the screen to schedule your biometric screening.
  3. Once you add your appointment please be sure to click SAVE at the bottom of the screen.