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Understanding Your 2014 Dental Benefits

Uniform dental coverage is provided for State members through a partnership with Ameritas Group Dental. Services provided by in-network providers are covered subject to any applicable limitations and restrictions as per the Uniform Dental benefit provisions. Find complete dental benefit details in the It’s Your Choice: Reference Guide.

In-Network or Out-of-Network?

As of January 1, 2014 dental services received from out-of-network providers are not covered under your Uniform Dental Benefit. This is a change from last year as your dental benefits in 2013 provided coverage regardless of provider status (in-network provider vs. out-of-network provider).

We encourage you to verify the status of your provider prior to seeking services in 2014. There are a couple ways to do this:

      1. Search. Find an in-network provider through the online Ameritas Dental Provider Search.
      2. Check the list. If your provider's office is located in one of the following counties, they will be recognized as in-network:
        • Adams
        • Columbia
        • Dodge
        • Grant
        • Green
        • Iowa
        • Jefferson
        • Juneau
        • Lafayette
        • Marquette
        • Richland
        • Vernon
        • Walworth
        Dental services received from out-of-network providers in counties not listed above are not covered.
      3. Call us. If you're not sure if your provider is considered in- or out-of-network, please call the Customer Care Center at (800) 279-1301 and we can help.