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Living Health Program

Start Living Healthy with your WBA

It is always our goal to provide you the most innovative and helpful tools to ensure you're able to live the healthiest life. Identifying and reducing preventable health risks is one way we can help, but making healthy decisions on your own is another. Through the Living Healthy program, we'll help you do both-and reward you for it.

  1. Complete your Online Well-Being Assessment (WBA).
    The WBA, also known as a Health Risk Assessment, combines your answers to lifestyle questions with basic biometric measures (like height, weight, blood pressure, etc.) to evaluate your overall health and well-being. Use our step-by-step WBA Instructions to help you complete it.
  2. Make a Well-Being Plan.
    The WBA results automatically create a personalized Well-Being Plan featuring Focus Areas and actions within each designed to help improve your health status. Your plan is fully customizable.
  3. Track Your Activity.
    Within the Focus Areas, set goals and track your progress. Certain trackers, like weight management or vegetable servings, build up your rewards points, while others can be customized to meet personal goals you have for yourself.
  4. Earn Rewards.
    Learn more about Rewards.

Online WBA & Rewards Center

Need your biometrics for your WBA?

Pull your biometric data from your last doctor’s visit through MyChart, from your health screening results, or from self measurement. Basic biometric data are needed to complete your Online Well-Being Assessment (WBA).


Check out our the Living Healthy FAQs or give us call at (800) 279-1301.

wellbeingGO™ Mobile
App for iPhone and Android

Download the app to easily track and manage your health and well-being on the go.
To get started, read through the download and login instructions.