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Living Health Program

Living Healthy Rewards

Start earning points by first completing your Well-Being Assessment. Fill in your biometric and lab values, then finish your assessment to get 50 points* redeemable for a Visa gift card! Additional rewards points are earned by tracking your healthy activity within your "My Well-Being Plan."

Note: Rewards run on a calendar year and reset on January 1. You must redeem your points by December 31.

Well-Being Assessment & Rewards Center

Instructions for redeeming Living Healthy reward points.

  1. Log in to the Well-Being Assessment & Rewards Center portal and select the "Rewards Center" tab at the top of the page.
    Wellness Rewards
  2. Select the "Redeem Points" button under the "Rewards Balances" on the right side of the screen. Follow prompts.
    Wellness Points
  3. Your Visa gift card will be mailed to your home within 14 business days.


About Rewards

Earn additional reward points by tracking your healthy activity online and redeem them for Visa Gift Cards in the amount you have accrued—up to $150 annually per fully-insured member, 18 years of age and up.** As long as you track your healthy activities online, you may redeem Visa Gift Cards to use however you wish. We want to reward you for healthy behaviors without you having to spend money first—even recording your daily steps and eating healthy can be tracked for reward points. Start earning today!

Rewards are subject to a maximum payout – please check with your plan administrator to determine your maximum reward amount.

*This is the minimum point accrual for completing an Online Well-Being Assessment (WBA). Please check with your plan administrator for reward details specific to your plan.

**If you receive coverage though your employer, your employer may be required to report health plan issued incentives as taxable income. Dean Health Plan is required to report incentive payment information to your employer. Your health information is protected by federal law and will not be shared with your employer.

Need your biometrics for your WBA?

Retrieve or copy your biometric values from an onsite work screening (if offered), from a recent clinic visit or through your MyChart account. Biometric and lab values are needed for a complete WBA


Check out the Living Healthy FAQs or give us call at (800) 279-1301.

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