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You Can Quit - We Can Help!

Tobacco Cessation Help from Dean Health Plan

Smoking or chewing tobacco is a powerful addiction. It may seem impossible to kick the habit, but thousands quit every year and you can too!

How Dean Health Plan Can Help You

Quit For Life

Isn't it time to quit?

Once you make the decision to quit, Dean Health Plan can help you down the path to success.

As part of your health benefits, Dean Health Plan provides coverage of tobacco cessation medications. To take advantage of this benefit you must obtain a prescription from your doctor and enroll in the Dean Health Plan Quit for Life® Program.

What is The Quit For Life® Program

The Quit For Life® Program is completely free to Dean Health Plan members 18 years and older. Using a mix of medication and phone-based coaching, it can help you down the path to quit smoking and overcome physical, psychological and behavioral addictions to tobacco.

A highly trained Quit Coach® helps you gain the knowledge, skills and behavioral strategies to quit for life.

Free of Cost - the program includes:

  • up to five outbound coaching calls and unlimited access to a Quit Coach for the duration of the program;
  • a printed workbook that helps guide you through the quitting process;
  • an opportunity to receive eight weeks of the NRT patch or gum at no cost, mailed directly to your home.

The Quit For Life® Program uses four essential practices to quit:

  1. Quit At Your Own Pace: Quit on your own terms, but get the help you need, when you need it.
  2. Conquer Your Urges to Smoke: Gain the skills you need to control cravings, urges and situations involving tobacco.
  3. Use Medications So They Really Work: Learn how to supercharge your quit attempt with the proper use of nicotine substitutes or medications.
  4. Don't Just Quit, Become a Nonsmoker: Once you've stopped using tobacco, learn to never again have that "first" cigarette.
Quit For Life

Quitting is a breath of fresh air!

Enroll Now!

Enrollment in The Quit For Life® Program is easy!

Call (866) QUIT4LIFE (1-866-784-8454) or

Enroll online today!

Dean Health Plan members who receive benefits through state employment, federal government or the Medicaid/BadgerCare program may have different tobacco cessation benefits. For information about this benefit under your specific plan, please call our Customer Care Center at (800) 279-1301.

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If you have any questions please contact our Customer Care Center by email, or at (800) 279-1301.