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Pharmacy Benefits

Pharmacy Benefits

Prescription medications are often a crucial part of your total health picture. Dean Health Plan offers a variety of programs to help you manage your prescriptions and lower your expenses.

Find out about our formulary management procedures.

Generic Free Sampling

Your First Fill is Free!

The Generic Sampling Program is designed to allow you to "try out" certain generic medications as an alternative to using high-cost, brand-name counterparts.

How It Works

Your provider needs to write a prescription for certain generic medications for up to a 30-day supply. If this is the first time you are filling a prescription for this medication, your prescription will be FREE!

Ask your physician or call our Customer Care Center at (800) 279-1301 for more information.

Specialty Pharmacy Program

Personalized Support for Members

Specialty drugs are an important part of the treatment for many chronic and complex health conditions. These high-cost medications require personalized coordination between you, your prescriber, and your pharmacy.

To begin receiving your specialty medications from Dean Clinic Pharmacy, please call (608) 294-3784 or (800) 279-8200

Dean Health Plan utilizes a partnership with Dean Clinic Pharmacy, a pharmacy experienced in handling specialty drugs, to coordinate personalized support for members impacted by chronic illnesses and complex diseases.

Member Fact Sheet
Specialty Pharmacy Product List

Other benefits of the Specialty Pharmacy program:

Free Delivery of specialty medications directly to your home, doctor's office, or another location via Federal Express.

Same day service available for emergency medication needs.

Medication consultations with registered pharmacists experienced in providing one-on-one care to patients with complex conditions.

Refill reminders help you avoid running out of medication.

Tablet Splitting Program

You Split the Tablet - We'll Split the Copayment

Tablet splitting can provide significant savings for you. Through this program, you pay up to one-half of your usual copayment on included prescription drugs.

For more information on this program speak to your health care provider or call Dean Health Plan's Customer Care Center at (800) 279-1301.

Tablet Splitting Program Medications:

entecavir tab
olanzapine tab
pioglitazone tab
tolterodine tab

Mail Order Refill

Get Your Medications Delivered to You

If you are a Dean Health Plan member, you can get prescriptions filled for 90 days*. This convenient benefit means less worry about running out of medication for you and your family members. If you are insured by Dean Health Plan, you may be able to fill your prescriptions through our partner WellDyneRx.

If you plan to use the mail order pharmacy, please be sure to check your prescription before leaving your doctor’s office. Review quantity and days supply as WellDyne Rx will only dispense the amount of days indicated on your prescription—orders are not automatically converted to a 90-day supply. If your drug benefit only covers 90-day orders through WellDyne Rx we will contact you, which may potentially delay your prescription fill.

To start your mail order benefit, use one of the following convenient methods:


WellDyneRxEnroll and request prescription order online!


Enroll and request prescription order by phone! Use the WellDyneRx automated system by calling (866) 490-3326 and follow the prompts.


Enroll and request prescription order by mail. Send in your completed order form.

Why use Mail-Order?

Using mail-order pharmacy, your orders are shipped to you free of charge. For more information call WellDyneRx at (866) 490-3326.

*Mail Order service is not available to all Dean Health Plan members. Please refer to your Member Benefit Summary or call our Customer Care Center at (800) 279-1301 for more information.

Learn more about mail order refills through Dean Pharmacies.

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