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Living Healthy FAQ

What is Living Healthy?

Living Healthy is Dean Health Plan’s member well-being and medical management program that encompasses all wellness, medical management, Healthy Partner and tobacco cessation programs.

What’s new under the Living Healthy program compared to previous wellness offerings?

Living Healthy provides Dean Health Plan members a more robust and user-friendly online Well-Being Assessment (WBA). It enables you to take a more active role in your health by using customized wellness tools and tips that are tailored to your specific wellness needs.

Living Healthy also includes an incentive program that rewards members for completing wellness activities and tracking them in the member portal.

What exactly is involved with taking the online Well-Being Assessment (WBA)?

The online WBA measures your current health status and overall well-being by asking a series of questions. When you complete the questionnaire, you will receive a completely confidential report with the results. From here, you can access interactive wellness tools that are customized based upon your responses to the questionnaire.

What if I am having trouble completing the online WBA?

The Customer Care Center can connect you directly with a Living Healthy technical services representative. You can reach the Customer Care Center at (800) 279-1301.

What if I am having trouble accessing the online tools?

To gain access to the online tools you first need to complete the WBA. The Customer Care Center can connect you with a Living Healthy technical services representative if you have completed the WBA and still have trouble.

What is the Living Healthy Rewards Program?

The Living Healthy rewards program rewards you for participating in numerous health-related activities such as physical activity, weight management programs, healthy eating and more. After completing your online WBA, You can start tracking your activity in your online well-being plan. Just track your activity in the portal and redeem points for gift cards.

Who is eligible to participate?

Fully-insured Dean Health Plan members and dependents age 18 and older are eligible to participate in the Living Healthy program. At this time, Medicare, Medicaid and ASO members are not eligible.

How do I redeem my rewards?

You must complete the online Well-Being Assessment (WBA) to start tracking and earning rewards. When you reach a minimum of 25 points, visit the Rewards Center and click Redeem to order gift cards worth $25, $50 or $100.

Will the information shared in my online Well-Being Assessment (WBA) remain private?

Dean Health Plan takes privacy seriously. We comply with all provisions of the HIPAA privacy rule. Information you disclose in your WBA is not sold for marketing purposes or shared with your health care provider(s). If you would like to share your report with your health care provider(s), it’s up to you. Otherwise, we may contact you to offer programs, services and educational information to help guide you toward improved health. You are not required to participate in any of these programs.

What types of information will be reported to my employer when I complete the WBA?

Your employer may receive an aggregate report from Dean Health Plan, including summarized data from everybody in the group (no personally identifiable information is included). This information helps your employer in offering other health & wellness programs you may be eligible to participate in.

What types of rewards will I receive?

There are two types of rewards available:

  • monetary rewards in the form of gift cards
  • sweepstakes entries for quarterly drawings to win prizes, such as an Apple iPad®.

What is the value of the reward?

The reward is based on your level of participation in the Living Healthy program. Tracking your health-related activities accumulates points that are redeemable for up to $150 per person age 18 and older, per calendar year. Please note that if you are employed through a school district or the State of Wisconsin, your reward accruals may vary. Check with your plan administrator for more details.

What activities are eligible for rewards?

You will receive points redeemable for rewards for the following activities:

  • Completing the online WBA
  • Using the exercise tracker
  • Using the steps tracker
  • Using the weight management tracker
  • Keeping a food log
  • Servings (fruit, vegetables and aater) Tracker

Do I need to submit a receipt?

No. You do not have to spend money to receive rewards with the Living Healthy Rewards program. You will receive points for participating in and tracking your health-related activities.

Will I still be reimbursed for my gym membership?

As long as you track your healthy activities online, you can redeem the reward gift cards to use however you wish. In essence, we want to reward you for healthy behaviors without you having to spend money first. You can even track and record your daily steps and healthy eating for reward points.

What type of tracking is involved?

You can track your health-related activities in your online WBA. It’s up to you to track your progress. In some cases, you will be required to provide additional information for verification. These fields will become apparent when you enter the portal and get started.

Will the WBA ask me to provide health screening data? If I don’t have that information available, can I still proceed?

When completing the online Well-Being Assessment (WBA) you are only required to fill in your height and weight. It will also prompt you for health screening data (cholesterol levels, glucose and blood pressure) but these are not required fields and, therefore, do not prohibit you from completing your assessment.

Note: You can refer to MyChart for your lab values, or use the data from a health screening if your employer provided one.

I completed my online WBA in 2014. Do I have to take it again in 2015 to receive reimbursement?

Yes. Living Healthy Rewards runs on calendar year, so you are required to complete the online Well-Being Assessment (WBA) each year to receive your reward.

Will you offer an additional reward for participating in Dean’s Comprehensive Weight Management program?

There is no additional reward for participating in the Dean Comprehensive Weight Management program. However, you can use the online weight tracker to monitor your progress and earn reward points redeemable for gift cards as part of the Living Health Rewards program.

I do not have a personal computer, so how can I access the online WBA and track my rewards?

If you do not have a personal computer, we encourage you to visit your local library to access a computer and log into your online assessment. You can also access it via a free mobile app on your smart phone. Just search wellbeingGO in your App store.

Who do I call if I have questions about the online Living Healthy Rewards Program?

For help using the trackers please call our Customer Care Center at (800) 279-1301.

If you have questions about the Living Healthy Rewards program, including point accumulation, rewards redemption and rewards totals, or problems with the website, please contact a technical services representative at (866) 556-1243.

Do my reward points ever expire?

Yes. Because the program runs on a calendar year, point totals will reset to zero on January 1. Please be sure to redeem all eligible points before then. Please note: you must have a minimum of $25 to redeem a gift card.