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Employer Group Health Plan

Execute a Workplace Wellness Program at Your Organization

Dean Health Plan was recognized with a Platinum Well Workplace Award from the Wellness Council of America

Greater productivity, increased employee morale and lower absenteeism are just some of the reasons why a comprehensive wellness program should be an integral part of your organization. The goal of the Dean Health Plan (DHP) Prevention and Health Promotion Workplace Wellness services is not only to reduce preventable health risks and optimize productivity, but also to create a culture within your organization that promotes vitality, motivation and overall effectiveness.

Our Approach to Wellness

One of our core values at DHP is overall health and well-being. In keeping with that philosophy, we offer a comprehensive suite of wellness services. We’ll be your health and wellness partner throughout every aspect of your wellness program and provide expert consultation and tools to help you design and implement a tailored plan for your organization. Our approach to wellness is broken down in three main steps.




Planning is the crucial first step in executing a comprehensive and tailored wellness plan for your organization. You are assigned a DHP wellness expert to help guide all aspects of creating a wellness program, including:

  • Expert information on why implementing a wellness program is important
  • Capturing CEO and executive support
  • Forming a mission statement and vision
  • Establishing an internal wellness team
  • Creating an operating plan and long- and short-term goals

Data Collection

Data Collection

Health Assessment

Data collection is a critical step to identify areas where your organization’s wellness program should focus on to best meet the needs and demands of your employees. Some commonly used data collection tools include:

  • Employee Interest Survey
  • Health Assessment
  • Culture Audit

Education & Intervention

Education & Intervention


Once you have created a strong foundation for your program through proper planning and data collection, your wellness expert will work with you to identify the most appropriate wellness program offerings. Each program is completely customized and tailored to your individual needs. Some programs and offerings include:

  • Customizable wellness campaigns and programs
  • Educational booths and wellness displays
  • Health coaching
  • Administrative assistance to help link your wellness programs with your health benefits package or execute other incentives
  • A comprehensive and interactive member wellness portal
  • Sample organization policies such as executing a smoke-free campus
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Workplace Wellness

Additional wellness offerings from Dean Health Plan

Beyond group health and wellness offerings, we offer the following services to all members.

Preventive care reminders that encourage healthy habits and preventive screenings

Deals From Dean — discounts to area fitness and health clubs that partner with DHP

The Quit For Life® Program — a free tobacco cessation program that can help you down the path to quit smoking and overcome the addiction to tobacco

Let your employees know about the great health and wellness programs available through Dean Health Plan.
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