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Platinum Well Workplace Award
Dean Health Plan was recognized with a Platinum Well Workplace Award from the Wellness Council of America

Implement a Workplace Wellness Program at Your Organization

The goals of Dean Health Plan's Prevention and Health Promotion Workplace Wellness Services are to enhance overall employee health and create a culture within your organization that promotes vitality, optimizes productivity and contributes to improving employees' satisfaction with the workplace.

Our Approach to Wellness

One of our core values at DHP is overall health and well-being. In keeping with that philosophy, we offer a comprehensive suite of wellness services. We’ll be your health and wellness partner throughout every aspect of your wellness program and provide expert consultation and tools to help you design and implement a tailored plan for your organization. Our approach to wellness is broken down in four main steps.



Planning is the first step in developing a comprehensive, tailored strategic plan for your organization. A Dean Health Plan Wellness Coordinator will guide all aspects of creating a wellness program, including:

  • Providing accurate up-to-date information on the benefits of a workplace wellness program
  • Obtaining leadership support
  • Forming a mission statement and vision
  • Establishing a wellness committee
  • Creating an operating plan with measurable goals

Data Collection

Data Collection

Dean will help you identify areas of focus for your organization's wellness program to best meet the needs and interests of your employees. We use the following data collection tools:

  • Employee Interest Survey
  • Health Assessment
  • Culture Audit

Education & Intervention

Education & Intervention

After you have created a strong foundation for your program through proper planning and data collection, the Wellness Coordinator will work with you to identify the most appropriate wellness program initiatives.

Programs and offerings include:

  • Customizable wellness campaigns
  • Educational displays on a variety of health topics
  • Health coaching
  • Sample organizational policies such as a smoke-free campus and healthy catering



Evaluation provides a way to monitor successes and identify areas needing improvement. The Wellness Coordinator will assist you in determining the most appropriate methods when developing your operating plan.

We use three approaches to determine wellness program effectiveness:

  • Process Evaluation to determine if the program activities are being implemented effectively
  • Impact Evaluation to assess the short-term impact of a program
  • Outcome Evaluation to reveal changes in health status and accomplishment of long-term goals
Dean Health Plan offers many wellness services as part of your benefit package. To learn more about these services and others available for purchase, please contact your Account Manager
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