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2017 CMS Creditable Coverage Notice

What is Creditable Coverage?

The Medicare Modernization Act requires employers who offer prescription coverage to notify their employees whether their coverage is creditable. Who is required to provide disclosure?

Most of Dean Health Plan's Large and Small Group products meet the CMS requirements for creditable coverage. However, please note that some HSA-eligible High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) options may not meet the CMS creditable coverage requirements due to the higher single/family deductible levels. In general, these are HDHP options with a deductible/coinsurance combination above $3,000/0% coinsurance. See the table below for more information.

HSA-eligible HDHP Creditable Coverage Table
Additional Non-Creditable Prescription Drug Plans

HDHP Creditable Coverage Example Table

Plan Year HDHP Deductible Coinsurance Provides Creditable Rx Coverage?
2017 $1,500/$3,000 0% Yes
2017 $1,500/$3,000 20% Yes
2017 $2,000/$4,000 0% Yes
2017 $2,000/$4,000 20% Yes
2017 $2,500/$5,000 0% Yes
2017 $2,500/$5,000 20% Yes
2017 $3,000/$6,000 0% Yes
2017 $3,000/$6,000 20% No
2017 $3,500/$7,000 0% No
2017 $3,500/$7,000 20% No
2017 $5,000/$10,000 0% No
2017 $5,000/$10,000 20% No

In addition to the chart above, the following prescription drug plans do not offer creditable coverage in 2017:

Additional Non-Creditable Prescription Drug Plan A
Tier 1 $10
Tier 2 50%
Tier 3 50%
Tier 4 50%

For more information on creditable coverage, please contact your Account Manager or visit the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Creditable Coverage website.


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