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Employer Resource Guide

Welcome to Dean Health Plan!

This manual has been designed to assist you in understanding the administrative procedures of DHP. We have attempted to cover the majority of questions you may have regarding the enrollment of newly eligible employees and dependents, changes in coverage and handling the monthly billing. Listed here are the most commonly accessed sections of the guide for ease of use.



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List of Qualifying Enrollment Events (Special/Changes)

Special Enrollment / Coverage Changes

A special enrollment or qualifying event is an event that allows an eligible employee to enroll in the plan after having initially waived the covered. It may also also allow an employee to add a spouse/dependent(s) to the plan. The following chart highlights qualifying events, guidelines and forms you will need to complete and submit to Dean Health Plan.

Qualifying Event TableQualifying Event 

COBRA Group Continuation Chart


COBRA/State Continuation is an Employer administrated benefit. DHP has provided this information for reference purposes only. You should consult with your attorney or COBRA administrator (if applicable) regarding specific situations or concerns regarding the administration of group continuation. For more information see page 16 of the Employers Resource Guide.

Group Continuation ChartGroup Continuation Chart

Medicare Eligibility Chart

Eligibility Summary Charts


Medicare Eligibility Summary for an Employee who is Currently Working

Medicare Eligibility Summary


Medicare Eligibility Summary for an Employee who is NOT Currently Working

Medicare Eligibility Summary


Important Contact Information

Dean Health Plan Office

Phone: (608) 836-1400
Toll Free: (800) 356-7344
Fax: (608) 827-4212


Street Address
1277 Deming Way • Madison, WI 53717
Mailing Address
P.O. Box 56099 • Madison, WI 53705

Customer Care Center
Toll Free: (800) 249-1301
TTY: 711
Fax: (608) 827-4212


Enrollment/Billing Department
Toll Free: (800) 649-0258
Fax: (608) 836-9620

Sales & Retention Department
Phone: (608) 836-1400
Fax: (608) 827-4152
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Medicare Coordination of Benefits Analyst
Victoria Labovsky
(608) 827-4189