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PPO Members Residing in Wisconsin or the
Upper Peninsula of Michigan

To provide our PPO members access to physicians and facilities throughout Wisconsin, Dean Health Plan has partnered with HealthEOS by Multiplan.

Click on an icon below to launch our partner's website where you can find eligible providers in your area.

One of the images below should correspond to the logo on your ID card.





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You are strongly encouraged to contact us to verify the status of the providers involved in your care including, for example, the anesthesiologist, radiologist, pathologist, facility, clinic or laboratory, when scheduling appointments or elective procedures to determine whether each provider is a participating or nonparticipating provider. Such information may assist in your selection of provider(s) and will likely affect the level of co-payment, deductible and amount of co-insurance applicable to the care you receive. The information contained in this directory may change during your plan year. Please contact (800) 279-1301 to learn more about the participating providers in your network and the implications, including financial, if you decide to receive your care from nonparticipating providers.


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