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about the Dean Medical Group difference.

Dean Medical Group Videos

"In a lot of ways, refractive surgery wasn't that big a deal. I wish I had done it sooner!"

Join Ann as she walks you through her recent refractive eye surgery at Davis Duehr Dean Eye Care.

"Never underestimate feeling good about yourself. It changes every aspect of your life."

Listen in as Kim and other patients share their experiences and learn why the Aesthetic Center was the right choice for them.

"We want our patients to be able to see their best and look their best."

Listen in as Pauline, other staff and patients share their experiences with Davis Duehr Dean Eye Care.

"We're here to help you with your concerns and direct you into the right treatment to create a better look."

Listen in as Amy, other staff and patients share their experiences with Essentials Skin Care.

"Losing the weight wasn't as much a battle for me as keeping the weight off and making a permanent life change."

Listen in as June and other patients share their experiences with SSM Health's Weight Management Services.

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