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Published on September 14, 2017

Ultrasonographer thanks co-workers for support during deployment 

Tiffany Niemer recently returned after a seven month leave from the Imaging Department. The ultrasonographer and Captain with the Wisconsin Air National Guard was deployed to Qatar where she served on a force support team. She gives credit to her co-workers’ support for making her mission successful.

“This is absolutely the greatest team of people I’ve ever worked with. While I was gone I knew that they had everything handled,” said Niemer. “I never had to worry that I had a home to come back to and when I returned it was just like I had never left. They were super excited and asked me how I was doing and how the family was and just welcomed me back. It’s hard to think of a way to say thank you for that.”

Niemer found a way. During her deployment she kept her work family in mind, requesting that the American flag be flown in their honor during three bombing missions focused on fighting ISIS.

Last week, Niemer presented these special flags honoring the support of her co-workers to the imaging teams at Dean Medical Group – Fish Hatchery, East and West. She says the flags symbolize her co-workers’ part in the success of the bombing missions carried out overseas.

“My team supporting me enables me to go support the mission. The mission can’t be accomplished if the people back home don’t support the members who deploy,” she said. “I wanted them to feel like they were a part of the accomplishment of that mission, because, really, by them keeping everything going back here it’s what enables that mission overseas to happen.”

Each of the three flags honoring her teammates were flown on B-52 bomber missions. The tail numbers of the planes flying the missions were Grim 22 and Grim 23. The flags and certificates explaining the significance will hang in the imaging departments they honor. 


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