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Dean Medical Group's History

A Tour Through The Decades

Dean History: The First Dean Clinic

First Dean ClinicThe First Dean Clinic

The first building to formally be called “Dean Clinic” was located just off the Capitol Square at 113 North Carroll Street. Formerly housing a laundry, the facility was remodeled into medical offices when the Deans bought it in 1929. Besides the main laundry building itself, the property consisted of two other houses.

Effects of the Depression

The property was purchased just before the Great Depression, and it wasn’t long before collections for medical work had dropped drastically and the clinic faced serious financial challenges. For a few years, the partners tried to sell the two houses and the property on which they stood, but they could not find a buyer. Several years later the buildings were torn down and the vacant land was used as a parking area for doctors and patients. In 1937, some of the parking spaces were leased to businessmen for $2.50 per month.

Effects of a booming business

From 1929 until 1950, a large area of the second floor was leased to two physicians who specialized in eyes, ears, nose and throat and plastic surgery. From 1929 to 1947, several rooms on the second floor also were leased to several dentists. By 1947, the work load and number of physicians working for the medical clinic increased such that it was necessary to utilize the entire second floor. The dental offices were remodeled into an X-ray department.

As Dean Clinic grew in the 1950s, the Carroll Street offices became increasingly overcrowded, space was lacking for expansion and parking became problematic.  Hence, the physician owners sought new medical quarters and eventually sold the downtown clinic and moved in 1961 to a new facility on Fish Hatchery Road. The new location was a topic of much conversation and slight controversy because, at the time, that part of town was considered “in the middle of nowhere.”

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