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HIPAA Transactions  

Transaction Companion Guides

We support all HIPAA-compliant electronic transactions.

The Claim Adjustment Reason Codes are updated quarterly. To ensure you are referencing the correct reason codes, download the file each quarter and discard all earlier documents.

Transaction Transaction Number Companion Guide/
Help Materials
EDI set up Form
Health Care Claim
Institutional & Professional
837 Companion Guide EDI set up Form
Health Care
835 Companion Guide
Emdeon EFT User Guide
Emdeon First Steps
Emdeon 835-EFT-ERA FAQs
EDI set up Form
Health Care Eligibility/Benefit
Inquiry & Response
270/271 Companion Guide EDI set up Form
Health Care Claim Status
Request & Response
276/277 Companion Guide EDI set up Form
Benefit Enrollment and
834 Companion Guide EDI set up Form


Getting Started with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Trading partners interested in submitting electronic transactions to DHP can download and complete an EDI set up form. Please complete the form and e-mail or fax to the DHP EDI team (800) 356-7344 Ext. 4320.

Trading partners can also call (800) 356-7344 Ext. 4320 to request an EDI set up form.

Transaction Testing Process

DHP will test all trading partner transactions prior to moving into a production environment. Below are the steps DHP will take when testing a transaction.

  1. Create test folder on FTP server for trading partner
  2. Test trading partner files with Claredi® to ensure that transactions are valid.
  3. Work with trading partner to eliminate all Claredi® identified errors 
  4. Process transaction in test environment to ensure accurate results 
  5. Set up production folder for trading partner on FTP Server.

Our Quality

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If you have any questions, please contact the DHP EDI team at or (800) 356-7344
extension 4320.