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Renee Reback

Renee Reback is the Executive Director of the Dean Foundation. She joined Dean in 2012 after serving as the Executive Director of the Wisconsin Medical Society Foundation. She also worked with VSA Arts of Wisconsin prior to joining Dean. Renee holds an Honorary Life Membership to the Wisconsin Medical Alumni Association and serves as a Board Member for the Community Health Charities Wisconsin (CHCWI) and is an Advisory Board Member for the Children’s Service Society of Wisconsin.

Renee began her journey to Dean at the University of Illinois where she studied Communications.  Prior to finishing her degree, Renee moved to Esfahan, Iran, where she taught English as a second language. Her students included preschoolers, bankers and prospective helicopter pilots. She found that communicating with individuals so foreign to her personal experiences helped her develop tools to examine and transcend her own prejudices.

Immediately following her return from Iran, Renee completed her undergraduate degree in English Education at Florida Atlantic University.  Her transition into not-for-profit leadership began with one semester of accounting and the willingness to work and learn under exceptional mentors throughout her career.

The position as Executive Director of the Dean Foundation aligns with Renee’s personal and professional experiences, skills and passions.  Renee’s experience working in not-for-profit leadership reinforces her belief that people are inherently generous, not just with their money, but also their time. She finds connecting individuals with their philanthropic interests is exceptionally rewarding. She chose to work at Dean because she saw the Dean logo and knew she could represent the Dean Foundation with great enthusiasm. She has received exceptional care from Dean physicians and their extraordinary staff members.

Outside of the office you can find Renee biking, swimming, hiking, reading, knitting, travelling and camping. She also enjoys riding roller coasters and exploring water parks.

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