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Allison A. Mooney

Allison A. Mooney is the Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for Dean Health System. Allison joined Dean Health Plan in 1990 and served in several roles including Vice President of Finance, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. She took her current position with Dean Health System in 2006. Prior to her work with Dean, Allison worked at the Fargo Clinic in Fargo, North Dakota.

Allison serves as a board member and the Chairman of the Board for the Badger and South Central American Red Cross.

Allison attended North Dakota State University in Fargo, North Dakota, where she earned double Bachelor of Science degrees in Economics and Finance. She then went on to earn a Masters in Healthcare Administration.

Allison always wanted to work in health care. She grew up in a small community where health care was the center of the community. She started working at the local hospital as a candy striper and her work carried on from there. She believes health care is a field where leaders can make a significant difference in so many ways.

Allison chose to work at Dean because she believes the organization stands for all the right things in health care. She continues to work at Dean because after all of the progress Dean has made in improving the overall patient experience through improved satisfaction and quality, Dean still truly stands for excellence in patient care.

Outside of the office, Allison enjoys kayaking, exploring the Wisconsin Northwoods, watching European soccer, cooking and traveling.

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