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about the Dean difference.

Our Leadership

Visit the tabs below to learn more about our leadership teams and boards of directors.

Dean Clinic

The Leadership of Dean Clinic

John Rose

John G Rose, Jr, MD, MBA
Interim President/CEO -
Dean Clinic


Steven R. Caldwell
System Vice President,
Finance - WI

Larry T. Hegland, MD
Regional Chief Medical Officer

Meghan K. Hendricks
Executive Director,
Information Technology

Mary Beth McDonald
Vice President,
Operations - Physician &
Ambulatory Services - WI

Kirschbaum Thomas N. Kirschbaum
Vice President,
General Counsel - WI

W. Gehren Rall
Vice President, 
Finance - Dean Clinic

Linda Taplin-Statz
System Vice President, 
Employee Experience

Seth R. Teigen
Regional Vice President, 
Ancilliary Services


Dean Clinic Board of Directors

Franklin Bendewald, MD

Nathaniel Besch, MD

Joanna Bisgrove, MD

Amy Daley, MD (Chair)

Jamie DeVries, MD

Christopher Howard

Jason Isenberg, MD

Eric Lyerla, MD (Vice-Chair)

James Mathers, MD

Gregory Matzke, MD

Albert Musa, MD

Shane Peng, MD

William Thompson

Dean Foundation

The Leadership of Dean Foundation

Julie Pofahl

Julie Pofahl

Dean Foundation Board Chair

Anne Koplin, MD

Medical Director

Dean Foundation Board of Directors

Julieanne Pofahl, RN, BS, Chair

Abigail Christiansen, MD, Vice Chair

Theresa Behrs, MD, Secretary

David Gorwitz, Treasurer

Sandra Bruhn

Daniel Danahy, MD

Marshall Heyworth

Thomas Oakley

Victoria Szewczyk, MBA, CPA