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Published on April 08, 2014

Dean & St. Mary’s Team Up to Teach Kids Healthy Habits

Numerous educational activities will be part of Healthy Habits Week at the Madison Children’s Museum

Dean and St. Mary’s are once again teaming up with the Madison Children’s Museum to keep kids healthy, active and learning over spring break.

During the week of April 14-18, visitors to the museum will have the chance to learn about various healthy habits through active play and interactive displays hosted by Dean Clinic, Dean Health Plan, Dean Foundation and St. Mary’s Hospital. 

Here is a list of some of the week’s activities:

  • Experts will explain the importance of choosing the right drink at the “Sugar in Your Drink” game where kids are asked to guess how much sugar is in their favorite drinks.
  • At the Catching Healthy Habits station kids will enjoy a fun, interactive health game that teaches them about fruits and vegetables, as well as exercise. This game also works on spelling, counting and gets kids moving all at the same time!
  • Kids will see why it’s important to do a good job washing their hands every time at the Healthy Hand Washing station. An interactive demonstration will be set up that shows just how many germs can linger if you don’t wash your hands well.
  • Dean Health Plan will be on hand to help teach kids about how much calcium they need every day and what foods can help them develop strong bones.
  • Kids can also take The Buddy Project pledge and receive a free Be A Buddy Not A Bully wristband.  This is part of Dean Clinic’s ‘Time for Kids’ partnership with WISC-TV.
  • Crash Helmet will also be on hand to teach kids and their parents about the importance of helmet safety.

For more information about Healthy Habits Week, please visit the Madison Children’s Museum website.


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