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Dean Listens

Our mission to deliver exceptional health care depends on patient feedback. As we strive for improvement and the introduction of new services, your opinion and perspective help identify the things we did right, the things we need to fix, and the things you care about.
Below we've highlighted two of the many ways we listen to our patients. Together, we can provide direction and make meaningful improvements in ways that play a vital role in people’s lives.

Dean Listens Online

Make a Difference in Your Health Care by Joining Our Online Panel

Why Join

When you join our free online panel, you'll get these participation benefits:

1. You help us improve. Our mission to deliver exceptional health care depends on outside feedback. Ultimately, system-wide improvements, upgrades and introductions help everyone. You'll be a big part of that.

2. You see changes. Based on the panel's input, not only will we implement changes and improvements, we'll share them with you. You'll see first-hand how your participation leads to real results.

3. You can win $100 or $25 cash each month just by completing at least one online survey per month. On the last day of each month, we will randomly draw two cash prize winners from a pool of people who have completed at least one survey that month.

Here's What Happens When You Join

First, you'll fill out an online survey that tells us more about you. Then, occasionally you'll receive an invitation to take a survey via email. Click the link, take the survey and you're done. Our surveys are short, friendly and interactive.

Take the Next Step

Taking the next step is easy! Simply visit to fill out a quick online survey and become part of our member panel.

Dean Listens in Person

Make a Difference in Your Health Care by Joining a Panel of Patients and Families that Offers Advice in Meetings

At Dean Clinic, we’re committed to making health care the best possible experience for our patients and their families. High levels of patient satisfaction are something we strive to achieve for all of the services we provide.

That’s why we invite you to apply to Dean Listens in Person. As a member and adviser, you’ll represent the voice of the patient in formal discussions with members of our staff. Your valuable input and perspectives, together with those from other members, will be carefully considered.

Why Join

As a member of Dean Listens in Person, you’ll have the opportunity to:
  • Play a key role in enhancing the patient experience.
  • Hear the unique viewpoints of other members.
  • Meet like-minded people of our community who care about improving the lives of others.

Best of all, you’ll feel rewarded knowing that you helped make a positive impact on the quality of care for Dean Clinic patients.

Here's What Happens When You Join

Along with other select Dean Clinic patients and family members, you’ll participate in the following:
  • Contribute on the council for a period of one year by providing honest insights and feedback while respecting the opinions of other members.
  • Attend monthly discussion meetings that last approximately 90 minutes and are usually held during early evening hours.
  • Enjoy a complimentary meal and beverages at every meeting.

Space is limited, so it is possible that not all applicants will be able to serve. However, all applications are kept on file for future openings. A Dean Clinic team member will contact you for further information if your application is selected.

Take the Next Step

If you are interested in becoming a patient advisor, we encourage you to fill out our secure Dean Listens In Person application form. If you have any questions, please call (608) 294-3807 or email


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If you have immediate feedback from Dean, please visit our Contact Us section. You can call or send an email to share your feedback, questions or concerns.