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Published on October 01, 2016

Welcome to DeanCare Select

DeanCare Select is a managed care supplement plan for Medicare beneficiaries who live in the Dean Health Plan service area.

What kind of policy is DeanCare Select?

DeanCare Select is Medicare Select insurance. When you see one of our plan providers, 100% of eligible charges will be covered under the plan. Best of all, you will receive no bills or paperwork to submit. We also cover benefits not covered by Medicare, such as routine physicals, eye exams and worldwide emergency and urgent care.

What features does DeanCare Select offer?

With DeanCare Select, you will not have to worry about deductibles, coinsurance or Medicare allowable charges. As long as you see plan providers, you should not receive any bills for covered services, nor should you have to complete any paperwork or claim forms.

When will my coverage be effective?

Your effective date will be the first of the month following our receipt of your application. For example, if we receive your Application on June 2, your coverage will be effective July 1.

Does DeanCare Select cover prescription drugs?

DeanCare Select does not cover any prescription drugs that are covered under Medicare Part D, including insulin and insulin pumps. For a list of certain drugs that are covered under Medicare Part B, please contact our Customer Care Center.

Are there services that DeanCare Select does not cover?

No health insurance covers all medical services. A summary of limited/non-covered services is included in an Outline of Coverage that you may request, and a more complete listing is provided in your policy. If you have a specific concern, please call our Customer Care Center for more information.

If you are interested in learning more about DeanCare Select or would like to request a FREE DeanCare Select enrollment packet, call our Customer Care Center at 888-422-3326  (TTY: 711), weekdays  (year-round) and weekends (Oct. 1 – Feb. 14).


We're here to help!

Have questions about your DeanCare Gold or DeanCare Select Medicare insurance coverage? Contact the Customer Care Center at
1-888-422-3326 (TTY: 711).

8 am to 8 pm
weekdays (year-round)
& weekends (Oct. 1 – 
Feb. 14)

For DeanCare Gold information in alternate formats and languages, call our Customer Care Center.

Mailing Address:
Dean Health Plan
PO Box 56099
Madison, WI 53705

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