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Sponsoring Research with the Dean Foundation

For more information on how we can serve your clinical research needs please contact Peggy Dovi at 608.827.2320.

Quality Clinical Research

A wide variety of studies covering many medical disciplines are conducted at Dean Foundation. All clinical trial studies are conducted under the direction of Dean Foundation's experienced, research-oriented Physician Investigators (PIs). In addition to the PIs, fully accredited and professionally trained staff include full-time study coordinators and Registered Nurses. 

The fine-tuned focus on clinical research, combined with experience, ensures that each research study conducted at Dean Foundation is completed in a timely, professional, confidential and cost-effective manner. In addition, the quality of the data gathered meets the highest professional standards.

Dean Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Dean Foundation has its own on-site Institutional Review Board (IRB) reviewing the research studies conducted under the auspices of the Foundation.

The Dean IRB, formed in July 1991, has reviewed over 500 studies following the policies and procedures mandated by the Food and Drug Administration. Subject to audit by the FDA, the Dean IRB successfully completed audits in 1992, 1997 and 2003 and continues to review its own policies and operating procedures, along with changes to federal guidelines, to ensure that it has the most current information with which to conduct its reviews.

The Dean IRB has two regularly scheduled meetings each month, but maintains flexibility based on the needs of principal investigators and board members. Investigators submit protocol, informed consent and advertising two weeks prior to the IRB meeting to allow the board sufficient time to review the materials to ensure the protection of the rights of research subjects. An approval from the IRB is generated within a day or two of the contingencies of the board's approval being met. Future amendments to the protocol, consent, and advertising are conducted through an expedited review process whenever possible, allowing for the smooth flow of the research.

A Site Conducive to Clinical Research

Madison is a center for biomedical and other research. As the state capital, Madison typifies the best of the Midwest. With its population of 223,000+, it is Wisconsin's second-largest city.

Madison is an easy-to-reach destination. All of our facilities are conveniently located off city bus lines and are easily reached by car and taxi. There is ample free parking at all clinic sites and at Dean Foundation. Dean Foundation and Dean Clinic facilities are located within 30 minutes of the Dane County Regional Airport.

Madison, City of Four Lakes, is located in Dane County in South Central Wisconsin, about 90 miles due west of Milwaukee, 150 miles north-west of Chicago, and 250 miles south-east of Minneapolis.

Madison offers an ideal, congenial site conducive to clinical research. This progressive city has many fine hotels, restaurants, theaters, museums, sports and beautiful parks. Madison is noted for its four scenic lakes and their attendant water sports.

The work ethic and pride in a job well done are alive and well here in southern Wisconsin. These qualities are invaluable to successful research when you consider the importance of each individual worker involved in any aspect of a project. Now that you've investigated Dean Foundation, please call us when you need to conduct your next clinical trial.

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Madison - Quick Reference

Madison, WI

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