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BSP Free Clinic

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The Benevolent Specialist Project, or BSP Free Clinic, was founded in 2001 by the late Drs. Ernie Pellegrino and Paul Simenstad as well as Dr. Walt Sundstrom. Since then, its volunteer specialists, nurses, interpreters and other staff have provided exemplary care to more than 15,000 patients.

The BSP Free Clinic is dedicated to providing quality specialty health care services at no cost to people without insurance or with insufficient insurance. It's the only clinic of its kind in Wisconsin!

Key Details

  • More than 35 physicians (retired and practicing) volunteer their specialty services.
  • Patients are seen on a referral basis only using our Patient Referral Form.
  • Patients must be at or below 250 percent of the federal poverty level.
  • The BSP Free Clinic is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.
  • Interpreters - primarily for Spanish-speaking patients - are available.


In addition to our 50 or so physicians, dedicated nurses, medical transcriptionists, interpreters and support personnel generously volunteer to staff the clinic.

Thank you to our BSP Clinic Volunteers...You make a difference!

Shawn Ahren-Djamali
Beth Anderson
Melissa Anibas
Jean Breheny
Jorae Cabrera
John Click
Pat Casad
Olivia Crowell
Mary Ellen Gernetzke
Beverly Hageman
Mark Hanson
Mary Hanson
Val Heinzen
Mary Ann Ihlenfeld
Eva Jackson
Barbara Komoroske
Linda Kubly
Karole Leadholm
Laurel Losenegger
Jane Masbruch
Gail Morton
Angela Novoselae
Kathryn Parsons
Itzel Rubio
Guy Somers
Mary Teieda
Kathy Wehrle
Karen Wipf

Anne Marie Bell
Tim Morton
Katherine Pease
Dr. Denis Beckfield
Dr. Frank Bendewald
Dr. Louis Bernhardt
Dr. Joseph Blustein
Dr. Abigail Christian
Dr. Marcus Cohn
Dr. Daniel Danahy
Dr. David Dowell
Dr. Doug Dulli
Dr. Rebecca Faber
Dr. David Falk
Dr. David Grierson
Dr. Tom Hirsch
Dr. Jeff Kao
Dr. Neil Katz
Dr. Barbara Klein
Dr. Mark Kornaus
Dr. Robert Kritz
Dr. Tim Lechmaier
Dr. John Lindholm
Dr. Daniel Malone
Dr. Peter McCanna
Dr. Robert McDonald
Dr. Charles Miley
Dr. Frank Myers

Dr. Zachary Pruhs
Dr. Paul Reber
Dr. Richard Reiselbach
Dr. Donald Schalch
Dr. John Schilling
Dr. Daniel Smith
Dr. Vidushi Sood
Dr. William Swift
Dr. Jining Wang

For questions about volunteering, check out our volunteer FAQ or email Tricia Levenhagen, Clinic Manager.

BSP Free Clinic Medical Specialties

General Surgery
Internal Medicine
Orthopedic Surgery
Social Work

BSP-Free Clinic

BSP Free Clinic Staff & Advisory Board

BSP Clinic Staff

Tricia Levenhagen, Clinic Manager
Patti Miller, Clinic Registration/Scheduler
Carolina Larrain, Interpreter
Ana Ceballos, Interpreter
Ellen Gomez, Interpreter

BSP Clinic Advisory Board

Julie Bran
Dr. Daniel Danahy
Sue Ertl
Mark Hanson
Dr. Timothy Lechmaier
Dr. John Schilling
M. Scott Statz
Tricia Levenhagen

BSP Clinic Phone Number


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