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Health Outreach

At the Dean Foundation, we're pleased to be able to offer free/affordable care and support to those in need, making a difference in our community.

  • The Benevolent Specialist Program/BSP Free Clinic, founded in 2001, offers specialty care to people without insurance or with insufficient insurance. The physicians and nurses who offer services do so on a volunteer basis.
  • NEW! The Arnold Reading Center, formerly operated by long-time educator Al Arnold, has been supported by Dean Foundation in the past by providing a location and financial management. With the retirement of Mr. Arnold, Dean Foundation hopes to carry on the center's legacy.
  • In addition to these programs, Dean Foundation operates other offerings/support programs such as blankets and shawls for oncology patients through our Cozy Covers program and free Memory Screenings that test memory.

All of these programs and more wouldn't be possible without your generous donations. Your contributions help sustain our operations, expand our services and provide opportunities for new programs.

If you'd like to sponsor new programs or events through the Dean Foundation, contact Scott Statz, Executive Director, by email or at 608-827-2300.

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