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new skills for body, mind and spirit.

  • Create a Dream - Vision Board

    Give a nudge to your dreams with the creation of a dream board, vision board, or a treasure map. Listen to your heart as you create a dream board that is uniquely yours. The process of making a dream board helps to clarify and focus dreams, wishes, and goals from all areas of life...relationships, family, travel, home and much more. Displaying the dream board can help dreams to manifest.

  • Gratitude Journaling

    This workshop will focus on ways to deepen thankfulness and appreciation which can attract more circumstances to be greatful for...the Law of Attraction. Gratitude journals are used for recording the many blessings in our lives, thus taking a step on the journey of making gratitude a lifestyle which can enrich our lives in ways we could never imagine.

  • Mental Health First Aid Class

    Learn to recognize in adults and youth the signs, symptoms and risk factors of mental health and substance-use disorders, while gaining the skills to help someone in crisis.

  • Mind-Body-Spirit Summer Challenge

    June 2 is Free - Come and listen to Jane explain the program. You actually receive the Mind part of the program free of charge. Then decide if you wish to continue. If you would like to be happier and have more pleasure in your life...take the Challenge! You choose a major goal and Jane gives you the tools to accomplish those goals. There will also be guest speakers on different topics.

  • Sacred Symbols

    Delve into the fascinating world of symbols and their meanings, participate in exercises to uncover how symbols convey and merge meaning into a single image, and learn how to use symbols to connect and transform your consciousness. Participants will explore a variety of art exercises to uncover and create a personal symbol.

  • Soothing Menopause - How to get your brain, sleep and waistline back

    Whether you are entering menopause, or your're well through the process, you realize your body is different! Now is the time to make healthy lifestyle changes. In this 90-minute presentation Mary Wolff RN, Nurse Practitioner & Health Coach will provide practical advice to avoid weight gain, increase energy, and promote sleep through nutrition and lifestyle changes, appropriate supplements, and hormone replacement options.

  • The "Sandwich Generation"

    Janet Bollig, Medical Social Worker for Home Health United, will give this presentation free for the public. Are you challenged with trying to balance your career, your marriage, your children and your elderly parents? This class will address strategies on how to best manage these challenges and find that "right balance".

  • Yin Yang Yoga

    This is a unique blend of gentle and deep, but still stretches.

  • Yoga for Beginners

    This is a slower paced class reviewing the fundamentals of correctly aligning the body to do yoga poses in the most beneficial way. It is for students who have learned the basics or are looking to learn the basics. The class will concentrate on solidifying your basic poses, learning more basic and some intermediate poses, while improving your basic alignment and breathing.

Community Support Groups

To assist our patients in finding support, we've gathered a list of other support groups available in southcentral Wisconsin.