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new skills for body, mind and spirit.

  • Kids Can Cope Support Group

    Use the resources available to you if your school needs assistance coping with serious illness or grief.

  • Preventing ACL Injuries & Improving Performance

    Dean Clinic – Sports Medicine is offering a special fitness program designed to help prevent ACL and knee-related injuries. The program is designed to optimize strength and muscle control in the lower extremity and may also improve athletic performance.

  • SleepTalk

    Sleeptalk is a self-esteem program for children. This program was created by Joane Goulding, an educator for 30 years. Goulding specializes in the biopsychosocial aspect of stress management. Sleeptalk is conducted when children are asleep. Words have power but it is important what words you use and how they are arranged. Parents greatly influence their children and we all want our children to reach their highest potential.

Dean Webinars

Watch our free, recorded webinars on facial rejuvenation, weight management, refractive eye surgery and more.

Visit our webinar page now!

Community Support Groups

To assist our patients in finding support, we've gathered a list of other support groups available in southcentral Wisconsin.