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new skills for body, mind and spirit.

  • Mind-Body-Spirit Summer Challenge

    June 2 is Free - Come and listen to Jane explain the program. You actually receive the Mind part of the program free of charge. Then decide if you wish to continue. If you would like to be happier and have more pleasure in your life...take the Challenge! You choose a major goal and Jane gives you the tools to accomplish those goals. There will also be guest speakers on different topics.

  • Soothing Menopause - How to get your brain, sleep and waistline back

    Whether you are entering menopause, or your're well through the process, you realize your body is different! Now is the time to make healthy lifestyle changes. In this 90-minute presentation Mary Wolff RN, Nurse Practitioner & Health Coach will provide practical advice to avoid weight gain, increase energy, and promote sleep through nutrition and lifestyle changes, appropriate supplements, and hormone replacement options.

  • Weight Loss Support Group

    Dean's weight loss support group will provide you with the education and support you need to be successful with your weight loss goals.

  • Yin Yang Yoga

    This is a unique blend of gentle and deep, but still stretches.

Community Support Groups

To assist our patients in finding support, we've gathered a list of other support groups available in southcentral Wisconsin.