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new skills for body, mind and spirit.

  • Free Informational Talk on Zero Balancing

    Zero Balancing is a hands-on-body therapy that aims to align and harmonize the physical structure of the body and the energy that runs through it. ZB promotes internal balance through the use of sensitive and highly skilled touch, called interface. In addition to promoting deep relaxation and wellbeing it may also relieve symptoms such as: shoulder pain and neck strain, depression, hand/wrist dysfunctions, foot and knee pain, fatigue, insomnia and anxiety.

  • Heart to Heart - Living Well with Heart Failure

    Heart to Heart resources from a community education event.

  • Improve the Quality of Your Life

    Almost half of all Americans have a chronic disease. What if you could increase your vitality and quality of life by removing toxins from your life, such as: toxic food, breathing toxins, hearing toxic speech, thinking toxic thoughts, and toxic people?

  • Infertility Support Group

    This Infertility Support Group is free of charge and is open to all interested parties.

  • Man-to-Man Support Group

    A supportive gathering of men who have experienced prostate cancer.

  • Yin Yang Yoga

    This is a unique blend of gentle and deep, but still stretches.

Dean Webinars

Watch our free, recorded webinars on facial rejuvenation, weight management, refractive eye surgery and more.

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Community Support Groups

To assist our patients in finding support, we've gathered a list of other support groups available in southcentral Wisconsin.