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new skills for body, mind and spirit.

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Back Care Injury Seminar

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Dean Clinic - Corporate Offices, Therapy Services
Madison, WI

Dean Clinic offers seminars, each lasting two and one-half hours. You will learn about how to avoid future injury and pain by using your back properly. The seminar includes a hands-on workshop about your back.


The good news is that back problems today don’t have to mean back pain for the rest of your life! Applying your knowledge to everyday life will pay off with a strong back that’s better equipped to carry you into the future...without pain!

  • Learn and apply proper body mechanics
  • Understand how your back functions
  • Learn how to perform activities in a pain-free manner
  • Talk to your physician or physical therapist for a referral and additional information

Learning safe body mechanics
“Body mechanics” refers to the way we use our bodies to perform certain movements, such as sitting, standing, walking or lying down. Learning to use safe body mechanics throughout each day will help you keep your back balanced through every activity, protecting it from injury and pain.

Getting back into shape
One of the best ways to keep from injuring your back is to be in good physical condition. Good fitness not only reduces your risk for injury, it allows your body to heal more quickly if you are injured.

Ongoing seminars.


Therapy Services at 608-250-1485

Schedule & Location


Ongoing Event

See event details for scheduling information.

Location Details

  • Dean Clinic - Corporate Offices, Therapy Services
    1806 W. Beltline Highway
    Madison, WI 53713

Community Support Groups

To assist our patients in finding support, we've gathered a list of other support groups available in southcentral Wisconsin.

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